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Cemtex Link Pipe Grouting sleeves
Fields of use
. Restore partially collapsed pipes.
. Replace collapsed pipes.
. Re-align offset joints if not restrained by root penetration or other rigid materials.
. Close holes created by material loss in pipe walls.
. Seal ex-filtration and abandoned services.
. Repair sewer pipes without closing service lateral.
. Seal infiltrating cracked pipes and pipe joints.
. Retard root growth.
. Restore sewers to full design life.
. Repair pipe in preparation for restoring lost backfill.
. Repair sewers without stopping flow.
. Prevent further deterioration & offset progression.

Different applications

Grouting Sleeves


. When a pipe has got a spot damage, You don't need to reline or replace a whole pipe while a spot repair is required for the   damaged parts.Cemtex Link Pipe Grouting Sleeves is the effective system for the spot repair for pipes.
. Cemtex Link Pipe Grouting Sleeves are made of stainless steel, so it can be guaranteed for 100 years service life at least.   They are unlike all other technologies as the materials used are well proven in construction and the engineering principles.
  They are factory-made; that's ensures consistent high quality and high precision manufacturing which guarantees safe   installation.
. Cemtex Link Pipe Sleeve can repair pipes sizes from 150 MM up to 2500 MM
. They fit with all kinds of pipes such as clay, concrete, PVC, Cement, GRP, Resin, steel, Ductile pipe .etc. as the sleeves rely   on its mechanical lock not on a chemical material.
. No major equipment is required for using the system.
. Traffic disruptions are minimal.
. The strength of the repaired pipe is much higher than the original pipe and   remains flexible enough to withstand future small earth movements,   earthquakes and long term loads.
. Using Cemtex Link Pipe Grouting Sleeves results in a permanent structural   repair of the underground pipe, forming a composite structure with the host   pipe.
. No toxic or environmental hazardous chemicals are used.
. Clear installation instructions are dependent upon the quality of workmanship.
. No water bypassing is needed during the installation.
. It can be used to provide a permanent seal.
. It can save time; only 20 minutes for installing the Grouting Sleeve and the   pipe is repaired in a manner that is unique in this field.

Cemtex short lining resin MB
Fields of use
. Cemtex Short Lining Resin MB is a partial lining system   consisting of a selected fiber glass impregnated with a special   designed resin. It is the most economical system for the   short lining of pipes & the following are some of fields in   which the system can be used:
. Stop ex-filtration.
. Stop infiltration.
. Repair open joints.
. Repair and cover loose parts from the pipes.
. Structure repair for broken pipes.
. Prevent deformation for flexible pipes such as GRP pipes, PVC   pipes, HDPE.....etc.
. Cover and protect locally eroded pipes surface.
. Repair eroded or defects in previous full lining.
. Cover and repair cracked pipes.
. Many other uses.


Method of Installation

The impregnated fiber glass patch is placed in the pipe using a special sewer inflatable packer. The packer is filled with air under determined pressure and the patch is pushed against the existing sewer pipe wall while the resin cures. After curing, the packer is deflated and removed. Resins selected are polyester, special epoxy or water glass depending on cases and the surrounding circumstances.It is necessary to limit the temperature raise of the materials until the patch is inflated within the pipe in order to avoid early cure. The curing time depends on the resin formula. Additional curing time should be allowed for the curing.

Cemtex Resin Short Lining MB
  Cemtex Resin Short Lining MB

Cemtex - CIPP full lining system - UV Technology

A fully automatic computerized system for setting the lining material mounted on a mobile unit on a Scania truck. The lining material can't be affected by the surrounding temperature as it is a special resin that is set only by Ultra Violet. The lining system consists of selected layers of fiber glass with layers of special designed resins which create very high e-modulus and high strength product with less thickness.

Automatic Control Panel for the UV full Lining equipment




Cemtex Link Pipe Cured in Place Pipes Technology by UV system (CIPP) is the most modern, long lasting, clean and fast method of rehabilitating sewers. It has the following advantages:
. Factory-made system; i.e. no need for any kind of mixing or impregnation on site in order to avoid any mis-impregnation or   fast setting of resin. Moreover, there is no need for steam or hot water to set the material.
. Fast, clean and safe installation is guaranteed as the technology needs only UV light for the setting.
. Dealing with diameters from 150mm up to 1000 mm in a very short time with high accuracy.
. Saving labor, time and cost.
. Liners are manufactured under ISO 9002 standards in compliance with D 5813.

Modern Equipment for Cemtex UV pipes Full Lining (CIPP)
Train of U.V. lamps for full lining
Cemtex UV Full Lining

. The new product conforms and molds to the host pipe even with non-standard pipe shapes and sizes
. Cemtex Link Pipe cured in place system enhances the structural strength of the host pipe and acts as a stand-alone pipe   meeting or exceeding ASTM 1216.
. The lining's results guarantee both corrosion & chemical resistance which satisfy any project's requirements.
. No expensive digging or disruption.
. Excavation is eliminated. No piles of excavated dirt. No traffic tie-ups and no citizens complaining of the disruption.
. The product is seamless which eliminates joints and increases flow capacity because it is much smoother than the host pipe.
. Laterals accurately reinstated with CCTV camera.
. Special UV resin formulas and fiber glass lining thickness are specified by computer programs to meet special requirements.
. Prevents infiltration and exfiltration, restores structural integrity.
. Eliminates joints that can be weak and allow root intrusion.