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Pipes Inspection

Cemtex Link Pipe has a very long experience in pipes inspection specially for classification and analyzing the defects. Thanks to its experience and wide range of alternatives,
Cemtex Link Pipe is able to suggest the best solution for repair & rehabilitation. The first step is to inspect the pipe - our CCTV range of cameras are specially designed for underground pipes inspection starting from the narrow diameter pipes 100 mm and up to 2 meter diameter. Beside the horizontal pipes, there is special arrangement for vertical inspection such as:
. Manholes inspection
. Deep water wells
. Chimneys
Cemtex Link Pipe range of CCTV also includes B/W system to clarify picture of hair cracks by contrast between black & white - colored pan and tilting able to look around the inside pipe - different wheel crawler and skates systems to suit all kinds of pipes - Small portable camera to suit the narrow streets is available as well.


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