Slipforming & Heavy lifting --> Services

Studies & Design:

Through its long experience and cooperation with Bygging Group , Bygging Intercontinental can provide design, equipment & personnel for slipforming and heavy lifting for all kinds of structures (simple & complex), offering cost & time saving efficient solutions for execution

Slipforming Works:

I - Assembly of slipforming shutters & equipment according to drawings
II - Operating the slipform
III - Dismantling the slipform

Heavy Lifting Works:

I - Assembly of the heavy lifting equipment needed for lifting ( steel trusses , platforms,steel tanks..etc.)
II - Lifting or lowering the heavy structures ( concrete or steel ) and fixing it at the required level
III- Offering suitable solutions for lifting or lowering heavy structures

Lifting of truss
Slipforming of the tank -LNG
Lifting Slab
Steel Tanks
Principal Drawings



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