Guaranteed, fast and easy system to immediately stop leakage at any concrete water structure and to stop leakage in tanks without any need to make them empty.

Bygging Intercontinental manufactures and supplies Cemtex Injector; a group of PU materials that are very sensitive to the leaking water. Once they are in contact with the leaking water, they immediately react with it inside the concrete voids, swell for about 35 times their original volume and set to fill all the surrounding voids in the concrete which caused the leakage. The swelling reaction is fast enough to stop the leakage immediately. Materials are available for different cases: in case of rigid surface, they deal with concrete defects which caused the leakage such as honeycomb, foreign material around the forms ties, static cracks, openings. Moreover, they are very successful in stopping the heavy leakages such as floor and wall fountains' leakage. Cemtex Injector system also includes flexible materials for all joints and cracks which are tensible due to the dynamic or static movements pipes and tunnel joints. Also it is considered as the most reliable system to treat leaking in expansion joints.

In addition to the above, Bygging Intercontinental has special injection systems for protection in places that are not leaking yet, but expected to leak. We also deal with the brick works and stone structures, elevated water tanks, basements, manholes, pump stations,ground tanks and reservoirs, swimming pools, drinking water tanks & sewage stations, namely - most liquid structures. Bygging Intercontinental can provide supervision and installation for modern water stops which have warranted results, very easy to install without the complications of normal water stops.

Joint Injection for leakage stop

Injection operation

Cemtex Injector

A Liquid material for cracks' injection. It stops leakage immediately and is characterized by its high expansion rate which could reach 35 times.

Fields of application
Leakage stop for water tanks, basements, sewage plants & pipes - Simply any leaking concrete structure.

Depends on the case

Cemtex Elastic injector

Two components product, mixed once together. They are ready to react with water and swell to grout joints or repair leaking. Reaction can be controlled by the percentage of accelerator.       

Fields of application
1- Stop leakage in any concrete section.
2- Immediate stop leakage from expansion joints.
3- Injection of joints and cracks resultant shrinking problem.
4- Modern Water Stop systems such as the Injecto system.    

According to the application and the concrete defects.