` Repairing Mortar and Grout

Murefix Grout 28

Anti-contraction powder ready to be mixed with water. It is rich with some expandable materials to overcome any contraction. Very efficient in fillings with high strength.

Fields of application
1- Joints filling.
2- Surface treatment and curing before adding epoxy protection surface.
3- Concrete cracks filling.
4- Machines bases.
5- Anchoring. ·        

2.3kg/ Litre

Murefix SM

Ready for use, chloride-free repair mortar in powder form for damaged or faulty concrete surfaces. ·        

Fields of application
1- Protection of concrete surfaces against environmental effects.
2- Bonds in layers from 1 to 3 cm thickness.
3- Reinforcing the concrete cover for steel protection. ·        

Depending on the surface.

Cemtex Epoxy Mortar

Two-components epoxy resin which is formulated to provide a material for repairing concrete and similar material, subjected to attack from chemicals or abrasive action caused by metal-wheeled trucks as well as excellent bonding properties.

Fields of application
1- Industrial floor toppings.
2- Chemically resistant floors & wall rendering.
3- Repairs of spilled concrete floors, roads, and ramps.

5 kg/ m² thickness 3 mm.



Murefix Quick Setting Cement

Fast setting cement (Free of chloride and corrosion material). It is a special material for quick fixing, water cut off and sealing. ·        

Fields of application
1- Quick fixing of wall hooks, radiators and banisters
2- Sealing and preventing water leakage.
3- Fixing and insulation at the same time.
4- Set under pressure gush leaking water.
5- Treat and repair under water, sea water and sewage leaking. 6- Corrosion free, safe to work with steel reinforced concrete.

Depending on the application.