Cemtex Anti Acid System
An integrated system combined with special resin with E glass Fibers for lining flooring, tank and protection surfaces.

Cemtex Epoxy Sealer

Low viscosity two-component Epoxy resin solvent and filler free. Especially formulated to provide a material possessing outstanding adhesive qualities and penetrative power suitable for both interior and exterior applications.        

Fields of application
1- Insulation for concrete & steel protection from corrosion.
2- Sealing and filling hair cracks in concrete floors and structures.
3- Surface treatment and protection against corrosion due to chemicals.       

One Litre per 4-8 m² depending upon porosity and surface conditions.

Cemtex Epoxy Mortar

Two-components epoxy resin which is formulated to provide a material for repairing concrete and similar material, subjected to attack from chemicals or abrasive action caused by metal-wheeled trucks as well as excellent bonding properties.

Fields of application
1- Industrial floor toppings.
2- Chemically resistant floors & wall rendering.
3- Repairs of spilled concrete floors, roads, and ramps.

5 kg/ m² thickness 3 mm.