Cemtex Epoxy Sealer

Low viscosity two-component Epoxy resin solvent and filler free. Especially formulated to provide a material possessing outstanding adhesive qualities and penetrative power suitable for both interior and exterior applications. ·        

Fields of application
1- Insulation for concrete & steel protection from corrosion.
2- Sealing and filling hair cracks in concrete floors and structures.
3- Surface treatment and protection against corrosion due to chemicals. ·       

One Litre per 4-8 m² depending upon porosity and surface conditions.

Murefix Grout 28

Anti-contraction powder ready to be mixed with water. It is rich with some expandable materials to overcome any contraction. Very efficient in fillings with high strength. ·        

Fields of application
1- Joints filling.
2- Surface treatment and curing before adding epoxy protection surface.
3- Concrete cracks filling.
4- Machines bases. 5- Anchoring. ·        

2.3kg/ Litre

Cemtex Epoxy Mortar

Two-components epoxy resin which is formulated to provide a material for repairing concrete and similar material, subjected to attack from chemicals or abrasive action caused by metal-wheeled trucks as well as excellent bonding properties.

Fields of application
1- Industrial floor toppings.
2- Chemically resistant floors & wall rendering.
3- Repairs of spilled concrete floors, roads, and ramps.

5 kg/ m² thickness 3 mm.



Cempoxy 50

Two-component solvent free epoxy resin based which can be applied to concrete, steel, wood surfaces. etc
It provides high protection surfaces against corrosion, weather, wearing and low concentration chemicals and void filler. ·      

Fields of application
1- Steel tank protection.
2- All concrete surfaces to meet all protection requirements.
3- Flooring, pipes and tubes. ·        

One kilogram will cover 2 to 3 m with thickness of 200 microns, depending on surfaces textures and absorbing.


Murefix Quick Setting Cement (plug)

Fast setting cement (Free of chloride and corrosion material). It is a special material for quick fixing, water cut off and sealing.     

Fields of application
1- Quick fixing of wall hooks, radiators and banisters
2- Sealing and preventing water leakage.
3- Fixing and insulation at the same time.
4- Set under pressure gush leaking water.
5- Treat and repair under water, sea water and sewage leaking.
6- Corrosion free, safe to work with steel reinforced concrete. ·        

Depending on the application.